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With i.e., just remember that it and that is are both two syllables, or make a mental connection between i.e. and the two-letter i words is and in in that is and in other words. They are both abbreviations for Latin terms, i.e. meaning id est and e.g.

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AP Style requires that a comma follow these abbreviations. e.g. is nonexclusive and indicates one or more elements of a set. Usage. You can distinguish i.e.

E.g., hide-and-seek, football, cycling are always popular activities for the kids. ระวังไว้นิดนึงครับว่า. 1.


We have put together a guide to using these abbreviations correctly. Both ‘ie’ and ‘eg’ are short forms, which are used to imply something else. ‘ie’ stands for ‘id est’ which is Latin, and translates into ‘in other words’ or ‘that is’ or ‘that is to say’. ‘eg’ stands for ‘exempli gratia’ which is again Latin, and translates into ‘for example’.

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Eg and ie

'Eg' means 'for example.' It is from the Latin 'exempli gratia.' 'Ie' means 'in other words' or 'that is.' It is from the Latin 'id est.' Mar 5, 2015 What Do I.e. and E.g. Mean? I.e. and e.g. are both abbreviations for Latin terms.

Eg and ie

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Both i.e. and e.g. are abbreviations for Latin expressions.

and e.g., but what do they mean, and what is the difference?
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Eg and ie svenska amerikanska ambassaden
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again! Oct 11, 2019 The Latin abbreviation i.e. stands for id est and translates to “that is” in We use the definition of e.g.